Congratulations on your Pregnancy – Have you tried the new Mum & Baby App………….

Better outcomes – To date, the App has been downloaded by over 4000 users and maternity staff. The App aims to improve women and families’ experience of maternity care, specifically supporting 100% of women being offered digital personal care plans, an increase in meaningful choice for women using services, increased safety and self-referrals and early bookings to meet the 10 weeks plus 6 days target. Women are attending appointments with a better understanding of the service and of what to expect which means they are better prepared and the consultation can be used to benefit them the most. Service users have quicker access to information to support their choices and manage their own health.

Better experience – The team has received positive feedback from the women who have already accessed the App. Examples include:

“I never knew there was so much to know and this App helps to keep it all in one place.  Easy to use.  Brilliant.”

“It has done so much to help me understand what to expect during pregnancy and birth.”

Staff have also welcomed the App:

“Packed with information. A great support for pregnancy, birth and beyond.” (midwife comment)

“This App offers women in NW London clear and straightforward information about their pregnancy, birth, and the care that they can expect.  It will be great for women to have all this info at their fingertips.” (midwife reviewer)

Better use of resources – Staff report that the App has streamlined processes for women leading to less duplication which has freed up clinician time. Owing to the success of “mum and baby” in North-West London, the LMS has developed a Business Case to enable other Local Maternity Systems to purchase and adapt the App for their own use. Maternity units across the sector are continuing to collaborate closely on the production of information. They are working closely with their communications teams to integrate the App with their maternity websites.

For more information:

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